rise above uncertainty; turn adversity to opportunity, never ever succumb again


Your new life may literally begin here when, inspired to take action, you'll join an adventure into consciousness, led in person by Yossi Ghinsberg, who will initiate you into a totally new stratum.


There are two types of mastery. The first is the ability to always choose your reaction to any unfolding circumstances from a place of balanced resilience. Never a victim – always able to respond.


The other mastery is not in reacting to circumstances, but rather in creating them.

Both these priceless masteries will become you when you act upon this rare opportunity of being one of only 20 handpicked people who will join Yossi in this adventure.

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being healthy, thriving, and Happy is your birthright. claim it!



Jaguars don't need self-help programs. Neither do you.  Overcome adversity, awaken your true nature, and thrive to the greatness you're destined for.

Join a small carefully handpicked group of individuals and set out on an adventure that will create real miracles in your life. The most unique, comprehensive 3-months program, from survival to mastery.

Align yourself with nature; be the person you were destined to be; there is no reason to settle for less.

Thriving is your birthright. Come in and claim it.

In an age of acceleration, learn how to hack the ancient wisdom and internalize it in yourself, effectively. By doing that you will not only deal best with unfolding circumstances – you will be creating them.


Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is a clear indication of insanity, a wise man said.

And yet, this is exactly what most of us are doing, because it is tremendously difficult to do something novel



I've got the know-how and the practice

to lead you out of the maze

Do you get the feeling sometimes that your life goes in circles? That patterns seem to keep repeating themselves? And though circumstances change, for you it is more of the same? Are you stuck in the maze?

You are not alone. Many of us are stuck this way. In fact, it is more common than not.  

ask yourself, were you destined to be common?

After all, you are a unique person with a birthright to live in abundance and fulfill yourself. You are destined to express yourself fully, find deep meaning in your life, and share your gifts with the world.

Jaguars don’t need self-help programs. Neither do you. What you need is an initiation into your nature, claiming your powers and unleashing them.

TheAdventure™ will defy your self-defeating thoughts. It will connect you to your true nature, boost your self-worth, and ignite your belief in your higher calling.

Awakening from the long sleep, we will start by aligning your faculties: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The adventure is not for just anyone.

You will go through a mutual evaluation process to make sure this is the right program for you at this point in time.




Once accepted, you will be escorted on a daily basis for 3 months and you will see the changes to your quality of life from the first week of practice. Yossi Ghinsberg will escort you in person and be available to customize the program and tailor it to suit you individually.

See the endorsements of the people who have already gone through this adventure.

Notice how they all report on invigoration, and nothing short of miracles that happen in their lives.

There are two types of mastery: the art of responding to life's unfolding circumstances, and the art of creating them. I will teach you both

initiation After your initiation into this comprehensive 3-month course, you will receive the accumulated experiences of Yossi Ghinsberg, gathered over 30 years of research and exploration, traveling to the most remote hidden places of the planet, studying religions and philosophies, in and out of academic environments, working with luminaries of interdisciplinary origins, with mystics, gurus and shamans, as well as masters of yoga and martial arts. Yossi lived in the depth of the Amazon for 3 years with the Uchupiamona tribe and was initiated as a hunter/warrior. He has been involved in many international businesses and was responsible for ground-breaking disruptions in more than one industry. Now Yossi brings innovation to the personal development world with a unique transformational method that is guaranteed to deliver positive change from Day One, unleashing the innate potential and awakening one's higher calling. Step by step, he will bring health, wealth and legacy to those who dare to take this adventure with him.


All of Yossi’s life experience is available to you now

in-person from Yossi.


sometimes one needs to get lost

in order to find self. 

Yossi is the author of the internationally-bestselling novel 'Jungle' and the subject of the major motion picture starring Daniel Radcliffe.  At the age of 22 years, following his childhood dream to become a fearless world explorer, Yossi ventured into the very depths of the uncharted Amazon looking for a tribe never discovered before or exposed to outside civilization. Four weeks later, alone after a rafting accident separated him from his expedition members, it dawned on him that he received much more than what he had bargained for.

Yossi subjected himself to three entire weeks, in the midst of the densest jungle on the planet, the Madidi in Bolivia, with no food, knife, or fire – one man against the mighty elements in their full, explosive potential. Torrential rains, storms and floods, jaguars and man-eating termites, deadly snakes and fire ants, swamps and famine and disease – one man underwent all that and lived to tell the tale – one of the great survival stories of our times.

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what will you adopt and internalize

three stages to mastery

Evolution of the Specie in three meaningful steps



becoming super fit

The significant problem with the issue of survival is that our mind doesn't differentiate between 'real survival' and ‘fake survival’. This is the most prevalent state of awareness, where life circumstances manage to stress and make us anxious to such a degree, we command our mind to believe we are in survival mode. The age of anxiety is a result of separation from our true nature and the world that surrounds us, and the sense of scarcity that yields further anxiety and promotes violent competition. When alternating between real survival mode and fake survival mode, people get tired, tending towards mood swings and depression. They hear voices of self-doubt from within, and seemingly their life is always off track… A desire for what they don’t have, yet do not believe they will ever achieve... Bringing over an attitude of victimhood… Blaming self… Blaming others… Believing in conspiracy theories as their life quickly passes by… Giving up on themselves… Settling for mediocrity… Nurturing a comfort zone… Afraid to dare, let alone to soar...

TheAdventure™ program is tackling the issue of survival as the very basic need of a person, protecting dear life. We start with understanding basic survival and discovering its mechanism, leading to peak performance. This is done not intellectually, but rather viscerally and experientially.  Once we gain the basic confidence that we have all that it takes to survive, we move on to tackle 'fake survival', working on revaluation of the base beliefs, restructuring the core personality with a sound and productive set of beliefs, and working daily to internalize them onto the organism


don’t give up on your dreams

In this program you will receive a resuscitation session with a jolt to your heart that will ignite your dreams and visions and remind you that this is your life, you are its author, and that it’s time to get out of the cocoon, leave the carcass of the past behind and fly like a butterfly.  The past is a living death, sucking energy from the present, reliving patterns. It is the reason why you are seeing the same pattern manifesting again and again in your life, in relationships, in business.

We will learn how to leave the past behind and experience the sacred radiance of the present moment. HereNow is the arena for life. The potential of the future awaits HereNow. Once we get into this realm, it is so intoxicating you will never want to leave. It is literally eternity.



become a creator

Transcending the animal state, reclaiming your invitation to become a demi-god. This is where you will arrive after a couple of months of practice. Yossi will initiate you into the realm of the creators gradually – challenge by challenge, you will start seeing miracles in your daily life.

Fear is but an invitation to be courageous;

come join me and soar 

Yossi Ghinsberg

1. alignment of the four faculties

To survive and thrive, you need all your faculties to kick in: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual

When all these faculties are awakened, aligned, and entangled around a single purpose, one has the prowess of a Superhero. This state of being not just fit but super-fit will demand focused work. Through ancient and modern techniques, ranging from Kabala to Martial Arts, from science and from the occult, you will implement techniques that will awaken and stimulate all four faculties, and you will experience something quite different called Awakened Living. And you will be healthier and look radiant – and this will stay.

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Image by Anastasiia Tarasova
2. your relationship with the world will change.


You will discover a refurbished model of yourself, a better version, more compassionate and patient, yet less tolerant of trivialities and time-wasting. You’ll be free of addiction to emotional blackmailing of others and you’ll regain control of your personal space, with no pressing buttons allowed – yours or anybody else’s. With clarity of mind, agility in your physique and emotional balance, you’ll bemore joyful, yet more determined to achieve what you've set out to achieve. You will do fewer drugs, watch less TV. You’ll make new friends that will support your journey, and you will support them. You will look more attractive. So be careful what you wish for...

3. you will become free from your past. 


Once you are free from your past – an accomplishment that is far from being trivial, as it is a practice that demands maintenance – you will start attracting new experiences. New ideas will pop up in your head, seemingly from nowhere. Incredible opportunities will arise.   a sense of mystery will be present in your life and it will bring awe and appreciation, even for the small things.

Image by Jason Hogan
Image by engin akyurt
4. you will pursue success and become it. 


You’ll have a strong sense of self-worth, laced by the determination that you will not settle for less than what you deserve. Life is a reality show; you are here to play ball. You may quit your job, or get promoted. You may dare to follow your dream and become an entrepreneur or an artist. You will shed existential fears.

you are a winner. you deserve to thrive, and thrive you will.

5. you will feel much more connected to all life

You will feel connected to the entire planet. And you will feel committed and responsible for it as well. You will not belittle yourself. Your self-worth will be obvious to you. Nothing is too big for you. Why don't you fly to Davos and mingle with world and opinion leaders?

you are not inferior. this planet is your home. ​ 

Image by Thao Le Hoang
Image by Felix Rostig
6. you will help others. 

Once you have climbed out of past patterns and negativity, you will want to see others do the same. For nothing gives a higher pleasure than knowing you were of meaning to another. Not being self-centered gives such freedom. Previously, you were so self-absorbed, thinking the world didn't cut you a fair deal. A victim blames himself or blames others. Now that you are free of both guilt and blame, you can see others who are trapped and give them a hand.

the ultimate gratification. 




Some call him The Most Interesting Man in the World (the real Dos Equis man). In fact, he is a real down-to-earth guy. True Earthling that he is, he doesn't believe in nationalities or religions. He speaks seven languages, and he got married… too many times.


Yossi is a multi-faceted person with accomplishments in diverse spheres. An international eco-businessman, a bestselling author, musician, movie producer. He is a daring adventurer in whatever he does. A humanist. A Zorba. He lives in a tent.

He is a sought-after keynote speaker and has coached and mentored people in business and all walks of life.

Yossi is the founder and architect of a number of innovative creative projects such as the acclaimed Ecolodge, Chalalan; Blinq, a social mobile application; CITA, for the detox and rehab of opiate addiction; Collecteco, a design gallery.

Yossi is active as a spokesman for indigenous people and the defense of the Amazon Jungle. He is an ambassador for Shalva.org for children with special needs, and he always volunteers for the community.

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This is what some of our graduate adventure-goers are saying about their life-changing experience

Mature Businessman

יש ביוסי שילוב נדיר של ענווה ודמות גדולה מהחיים. הנתינה הטוטלית שלו, ללא גבולות, לקבוצה מעוררת השראה. אכפת לו והוא מחוייב וזה גרם לי להגיב בהתאם. כל אחד יכול לדבר גבוהה, אבל זה מרגיש אחרת כשפוגשים אדם בעל יושרה שעושה את הדרך עצמה. אין ספק בכלל שחיי השתנו באופן ניכר בעליל. אני אפילו לא יודע היכן להתחיל לתאר. הפכתי להיות החבר הכי טוב של עצמי והחיים נדמה אוהבים אותי המידה שלא הכרתי. אם הזכרנו מידה, אז גם הורדתי עשרים קילו במשקל, על הדרך. ההרפתקה הזאת לא תסולא בפז, אני אומר את זה ללא שום היסוס, אני מציע לכם לקפוץ מהר פנימה

רן גלעד

קודם כל תדעו האיש הזה יוסי זאת אגדה מהלכת. אני מרגישה זכות ענקית על זה שהשתתפתי בהרפתקה. אני עכשיו יודעת שניסים אכן קורים. חיי קבלו תפנית של ממש, אם קודם החיים הובילו אותי, עכשיו זאת אני שמובילה אותם, אני יוצרת את חיי. כל יום הוא חומר גלם בידי. אני חזקה ומחוזקת בכל תחומי החיים וכל זה יש לי בזכותי! לא עוד נסחפת עם הזרם, חזרתי להיות מי שנולדתי להיות, מיוחדת! אודות ליוסי למדתי לנשום, להיות אסירת תודה ולאהוב את עצמי בלי גבול. ההרפתקה הזאת היא חובה. ממליצה לך בכל מאודי

אירן מויאל

ההרפתקה הזאת זה קורס בניסים ויוסי הוא שמאן אמיתי. בלי פוזות ובפשטות הוא חשף בפנינו סודות של היקום באופן נהיר ומעשי. אשר לחיי שלי, השינויים הם של מהות. פגשתי את אהבת חיי זאת שנועדתי לה. אני בגוף שלי יותר מאי פעם, אני מתאמנת בכיף, ואני גאה במי שאני ובמה שהישגתי עד כאן. והדרך רק החלה. לא יאומן אבל אמת לאמיתה, כמו שיוסי הבטיח עשיתי יותר כסף מאי פעם ועוד תוך כדי תקופת הקורונה, וזאת מבלי לעבוד קשה ומבלי להילחץ. אוהבת את ההרפתקה הזאת. היה מהמם. אם מקבלים אתכם, אל תחמיצו, לכו על זה

מיכל מונקה

יוסי הזהיר אותנו שההרפתקה זה לאמיצים בלבד, והופתעתי לגלות שאכן זה כך. זאת הרפתקה של ממש, לפעמים אפילו אקסטרים, פגשתי את קצוות המודעות שלי והבנתי את מערכת היחסים שלי עם העולם. אני מכיר את עצמי עכשיו יותר טוב מאשר אי פעם כיון שגילית על עצמי דברים של ידעתי שהיו קיימים כלל, פגשתי אותם בתהום הזאת של השקט שנפערה תחתי. מצאתי צדריך בתוככי ועוצמות של רגש שבעבעו עד שהתאדו וחלפו, העולם החצוני והעולם הפנימי סופסוף נפגשו במקום הנצחי של הכאן ועכשיו. תודה רבה

דויד גולדראט

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 5.03.33 PM.png


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Directed by Greg McLean


Our goal is to evolve the global consciousness on the planet, one person at a time. We have a calling to follow, and it is nothing short of shifting the major paradigms we live by as humanity.  We are committed to spreading transformational knowledge to every person anywhere on Planet Earth. We ask our members not to belittle themselves, and we practice everything we teach.

Being part of the world and understanding the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic panic, we have decided to cut our prices for a limited time by two-thirds of the original price.  TheAdventure™ is offered to you now for $1800 instead of $5400 for the entire three-months program, that includes individual, hands-on mentoring and monitoring from Yossi in person. This is not a pre-produced digital course, “one-size-fits-all”, as many other programs are, but rather a living program catering to the participants as they go, according to their personal needs and the place where they are in life.

Nonetheless, please consider that what is offered in this adventure is priceless. Yossi has learned these secrets in over 30 years of inner and route explorations around the globe, learning from many teachers, gurus and masters, reading thousands of books and spending years in universities, monasteries, and esoteric schools. Yet, more than all, Yossi has learned from nature itself and deciphered some of its most precious gems.


Effectiveness is our first and foremost goal with this transformational program. The teaching is not intellectual as in teaching facts and figures, but rather in presenting ideas, having a discussion, agreeing on an exercise challenge to embody and internalize the virtues we're after into our consciousness.  Through this innovative, somewhat disruptive program is a distillation of interdisciplinary systems and modules practiced by Yossi to validate their effectivity, then stripped and distilled to their essence so it would be possible to adapt them to a generation of attention-deficit-disorder, instant-gratification people that we have all become.

Not only will you learn two major masteries, but you will also gain methods and tools that will be applicable to your life in general. We will not be surprised if you become an influencer, spreading practical wisdom to everyone in your own environments for free. We don't mind. Our copyright policy is: 'Copy it – to all the right people.'

This one-time investment of only $1800 is a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to break free from your shackles and escape the maze once and for all. We guarantee that you won't find this level of intense personal mentoring and training for this price anywhere else. Moreover, it is risk-free for the first 10 days. Not happy with what you learn? Not what you'd expected? Don't pay anything. 


why order today?


Three good reasons why today is the best day to join TheAdventure™, Yossi Ghinsberg's transformational journey into consciousness and beyond. 


1. Due to the COVID-19, we offer the entire program for ⅓ of its price for a limited time only. This is the Lowest Price This Transformational Adventure Will Ever Be Offered – Ever!  Yossi is fully dedicated to each of the adventure voyagers. However, due to the demand, he will not be able to give this level of daily personal attention to many more groups.  While this rare and priceless mentoring is offered at this time for a mere fraction of the price, we highly recommend you grab it fast while it lasts.


2. You are welcome to try this adventure for 10 days without risking your investment. We are absolutely convinced that what you will experience will be positively life-altering, promoting health, wealth, and happiness. However, at times there is a mismatch of attitudes. Hence, if you find that this program is not for you, take a walk, and your money will follow you back home within 2 weeks. (Just fill in our refund form – we will ask a question just for ourselves, to learn and improve. However, your money will be sent back, easy and smooth). Feel free to take advantage of this offer and try this transformational adventure for a couple of weeks, and make sure this is truly right for you.

3. It's a tribal adventure. Enroll today to ensure you get in with the tribe. We close the group at 20 voyagers only. The reason being, a larger group is not manageable personally, plus the interaction amongst the members of the batch is hindered by any number larger than 20. Friendships forms and the group supports its members amazingly. If you leave it too late to enroll, you will have to wait for the formation of the next batch.


our commitment to effectiveness and affordability

in times of a global crisis

what happens once you've ordered



act Right Now

if you are passionate and ready for your life-changing adventure...

This program is not for everyone. It is not for the faint of heart. It is not for the complacent. This is a 3-months, comprehensive, hands-on program that demands a daily commitment to an adventure into consciousness.

Only 20 people can enter the program to become a tribe that will work on a daily basis with Yossi and be guided through challenges and tasks. The microlearning system Yossi has developed needs only 15 minutes a day of full dedication.

Despite its intensity, the program will not interfere with your daily life. On the contrary, it will positively heighten it.

If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, one that you will not return from the same person… Click the button below, and we will contact you for a short process of evaluation of your readiness and suitability

The time to act is now!

  • The most comprehensive and effective transformational program ever.​

  • A 3-months, micro-dosed experiential adventure into consciousness, and not back.​

  • Complete, ongoing live support by Yossi, in person.​

  • Two great surprise bonuses.​

  • Completion Certificate





For only  of the price and with moneyback guarantee



What’s included in TheAdventure™ into consciousness program?

You will be part of a small, handpicked group of no more than 20 people. You will embark on an adventure consisting of a daily microdose of personalized teaching and daily practice. Every fortnight you will participate in a live webinar with Yossi and your small tribe of up to 20 other adventure voyagers. Through the teaching, the practice and the group interaction, you will stay motivated every day, every step of the way. Challenges you commit to will make you move fast through the different program phases and see progress and real positive changes in your life from Week One. None of the sessions are pre-recorded. You will be receiving living energy in the moment. All sessions will be provided to you through state-of-the-art mobile apps.

What are the results I should expect from TheAdventure™

Generally speaking - expect miracles in your life. TheAdventure™ into consciousness awakens and restores vitality in all your faculties and aligns them, bringing you to a state of peak performance. In the first stage you will feel a powerful awakening and be invited to assume full control of your life and shape it in accordance to your vision. You will feel better and look better. You will be more productive. You will be more relaxed and balanced. You will feel a radiance and a sense of purpose will guide you.

If I feel TheAdventure™ is not for me; how easy will it be to get my fully refund?

You've got two weeks to get the gist of TheAdventure™ into consciousness free of any obligation, to see if this is the right transformational program for you. And TheAdventure™ is not for everyone. Within this period you can quit at any time and you will receive your full refund, no questions asked. (Or maybe we will ask you a few questions, just for our own research). If you so happen to decide that you would like to quit TheAdventure™ for any reason whatsoever – there will be no debates. You will simply claim your full refund. All you will need to do is to fill out a simple form that will be available to you once you enroll, and click Send. We will process your request and guarantee that the full refund will land in your account within two weeks at the most.

How can I be sure TheAdventure™ is for me?

Generally speaking, TheAdventure™ is for you if you: Feel a sense of unfulfilled potential in your life, as if you’re settling when you could be doing or achieving something more. Have reached some level of success in certain areas of life, but feel you’ve sacrificed too much in other areas to get there (e.g., giving up family time for your career). Crave to discover who you really are, what your unique purpose is, and what you really want in every area of life – without settling for someone else’s version of success. Are seeking clarity as you move through a major transition point in life (e.g., divorce, career change, a personal loss, a mid-life crisis, etc.) Are done with just letting life happen to you, and want to take your destiny in your hands, and make life happen for you instead!

How much time do I need to invest in the TheAdventure™?

The microdose daily learning will give you a choice of reading or listening to a dose of teaching, stories, insights, all geared towards the evolution of the best version of yourself. A formal daily practice of 10 minutes per day, 6 days a week is mandatory if you would like to internalize the benefits of TheAdventure™. The live webinars are scheduled every fortnight and they go on for about 2 to 3 hours. Apart from that, the rest of the investment of time is decided by you. As your entire organism will be changing, you will see that you can implement your practices into your life, career, relationships, legacy. You will be aligned and determined.

Am I really only paying a third of TheAdventure™ price?

Generally speaking – the virtues you will develop are all priceless. Yes. What you see today is the lowest price for TheAdventure™. Typically, participants pay three times as much to join this transformational journey into consciousness. Due to the COVID-19 virus, we feel many people around the world are having existential crises and need to reinvent themselves. Also, many people have lost their jobs and don't feel secure anymore. Considering our own cause and calling, we've decided to make TheAdventure™ available for a limited time at a fraction of the price. TheAdventure™ is comprehensive, tailored to suit, personalized to each participant and overseen live by Yossi for a 3-month period.

What is the mutual evaluation process?

You and Yossi get to know each other over some 30 to 60 minutes chat that you will schedule straight into Yossi's calendar. Yossi will ask a few questions to check if you are ready to commit. Yossi will answer any question you may have. Expectations will be established, and if we're all good – we will proceed by sending you a deep questionnaire to have a snapshot of you upon entry, and later upon graduating.